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Chamba rumal depicting scenes from the Ramayana

Discovering the Chamba Rumal – A Himachali Treasure

During Lovnish’s numerous visits to Chamba, he began to understand the cultural richness of this unique land, something which is elegantly depicted in each of its exquisite and artistically embroidered Chamba Rumal. Himachal Pradesh is...

A traditional dance during the Losar festivities, Kinnaur

Colors and Divinity: The Festivals of Kinnaur

The festivities for Sazo had begun by the time Lovnish Thakur, a development entrepreneur in the Himachal, had settled in his gracious host Ajay’s home in Chaura, a nondescript village in tribal Kinnaur. The...

Karsog Valley from town

Getting Lost in Laidback Karsog

Sometimes we are hard to convince while on other times an impulse pushes us into the throes of another adventure. Karsog valley for most is an example of the latter. Hardly mentioned in travel...