Motley Theatre Group – An Institution of Stage Excellence

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  1. Ankit Asati says:

    How to join motley for acting?

  2. Amish L Vyas says:

    I want to join theatres as full time professional artist. I want perform all type of roles. I have done lot of street plays and on stage with my group called Divine Brain trust. Also performed in my college and in my office. I want to follow this passion now by becoming professional theatres artist, keen to learn and groom myself. Please explain me about the procedure to apply, learn and join the group as professional artist.

  3. shivam gupta says:

    wants to join theater group just to learn the all aspects of acting in every form with lots of hardwork and also smartwork please make me aware of the procedure

    • Deboshri Paul says:


      This is not the Motley Theatre Group’s webpage. We just did a piece on the illustrious troupe. Please get in touch with them directly. Wish you the very best.

      The Armchair Lounge Team

  4. Amrita Mishra says:

    Hello ..
    This Is amrita From Odisha..
    Am an Artist..Recently Shifted To Mumbai..
    Want to join Motley For The Knowledge n development in Acting..was trained 1yr under Surjya Mohanty (NSD)..
    Hope I ll get something Positive here.

  5. Prabhanjan Talele says:

    Wanna do work with ur theatre sir.. I m very passionate about acting.. N I really wanna learn acting from u sir..

  6. Ray says:

    I am a Theatre Actor..

    I am working with NSD alumni Sir Rajesh Bali for last four years…

    Kindly let me know if there is any Audition…

    Thank you !

    • Deboshri Paul says:

      Dear Ray,

      This is a content publication site, and isn’t the contact webpage of the theatre group you wish to contact.
      Please reach out to them through their dedicated webpage.

      Team ArmchairLounge

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