Know Us

What does one do when there’s too much bubbling over to contain? They create a website!

Well, that’s exactly what happened with us. Ah, us – that’s this couple you might find to be quite the nerds at first look. Okay, at all subsequent looks as well! But then we’ve been blessed with The Explorer’s spirit, guiding us through our unquenchable thirst for everything that’s new and informative, and indulgent, or pushes the highly-opinionated selves that’s us.

Cafe 88, Meherchand Market

Cafe 88 – European exquisiteness | Photo courtesy: Ardahun Passah @ Zomato

You guessed it, we love debates, and you’ll know that reading through the many discussions coming up on the site.

But then, anything that kicks the Curious Joe in the both of us, or holds promise of opening up into another uncharted dimension of the universe will inevitably bind us – without as much as a struggle. We happily let ourselves be drawn into the current of information, history, theatre, food, offbeat travel, debates, and all that’s good under the sun.

This website has been born out of our love for the good things in life, things which our discerning readers would appreciate.

We welcome you to delve into this world of indulgences – debates, wines, cuisines, literary festivals, food festivals, travel, off-trail routes, boutique cottages, kitschy outlets. A world created in collaboration with our zesty writers, our experienced editors, and a team whose religion it is to look out for the best that’s out there. Enjoy. And oh, might I remind you once again – we love debates!

Would love to know your thoughts….