The ‘Kiss of Love’ – An overreach on Indian sensibilities?

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  1. Nidhi says:

    Beautifully written!! Loved it! Striking, apt and to the point.. Sometimes you gotta hut them where it hurts
    Keep going! All the best :)

    • Priyanka Rele says:

      Thanks a lot! Most times, we forget to draw a line, forget to make a point and in our own confusion lose complete track of what we intended to do..

  2. Kunal Kaushik says:

    ” I am 25 years old, educated well enough to respect a woman, and have seen enough Hollywood movies to be inspired by them, yet honestly “Kiss of Love” ( a propaganda of free society ) in India has obviously touched a wrong string even in my sensibilities. Accepted that we re not so cool- cultured as the West, but then the supporters of “kiss of love” should have started “kiss for no-Rape” or “Kiss for Clean water ” at the least. I completely agree with writer ( spirited Ms Priyanka Rele) and applaud her for bringing out the more important aspects of our society than “kissing”….

    • Priyanka Rele says:

      Thanks a lot Kunal. See you stir a interesting subject, would “kiss for -no rape” or “kiss for clean water” be acceptable?
      Aren’t we losing focus again?

  3. Nikita Singh says:

    I always wondered if society is endowed with sense and sensibilities, why does it seldom use it? Thank Heavens you broadcasted yours against its bigotry. Talking about the society of ” In a country where women are raped and molested by the minute”, assuring the virginity of a woman still holds importance which pretty much sums why we can’t we accept the outlandish Public Display of Affection. Unless Honey Singh sings about it or Narendra Modi gives a speech on the relevance of PDA, nothing is going to change in this country. Kudos to the beautiful writing though!

  4. Nakul says:

    The article makes zero sense. In a country where women are raped and molested, how can we, in our right minds, kiss publicly? Is that what you’re saying? How are the two even remotely related? The author seems to be no better than the thousands of ignorant people who attribute sexual assaults to everything but the victim.

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