Indian Super League – The loss of the purist’s football legacy?

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  1. Ramen Das says:

    I think it was necessary to come up with something completely new… because the older ones have an already existing image which is not very favorable among people… India ranks around 150 in the world… so not sure if that legacy is worthy of being cherished…

  2. Manik says:


    The current Fifa ranking is worse (171), so there is no masking the deplorable state-of-affairs. That said, domestic leagues are not indicators of international pedigree. If it were, England would do a lot better than it currently does. Also, I do agree, a massive revamp was required – but not of the brand – but of the facility, the stadia, the marketing, maybe the marquee players etc. Legacies are always worth protecting, as even Brazil doesn’t really need the Corinthians and Boca juniors as they sell nearly every half-decent player to European leagues and no longer contribute to the national squad as heavily.

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