Indian Wildlife Filmmakers That Brought Home the “Green Oscars”

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  1. Raju Bombarde says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am seeking representation as a screenwriter and would like to send you my new screenplay, Shelter. The script is based on real events, “whether it is rich or poor always try to make their bungalow or hut as best as possible, other side animals & birds struggling for a single shelter. The story about how birds & animals get deterioration due to shelter.”

    The story centers on a brave environmentalist who risks her life to team up with local villagers in an effort to stop corrupt leaders from destroying trees and rare species in the jungle.

    My writing is based my life experiences as a civil engineer. Shelter is a unique script with an important environmental message that today’s movie-going crowd will readily connect and find gripping.

    Would you be interested in reading my work? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.


    Raju Bombarde

    7, Nandanvan Apt. Tarwala Nagar,
    Dindori Road, Nashik- 422004 India
    Cell: +91 9422254896 / 9766961116
    Tel : +91 253 2530638
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    • Deboshri Paul says:

      Dear Mr Bombarde,

      This is a content publication site, and isn’t the contact webpage of the filmmaker you wish to contact.
      Please reach out to them through their dedicated webpage.

      Team ArmchairLounge

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