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Valmik Thapar: On the Trail of the Tiger

A famous wildlife expert and conservationist, Valmik Thapar is an Indian natural historian who has dedicated his life to research on tiger protection in the country. A well known naturalist, he rose to worldwide fame...

Tree Walk, Trivandrum

Back to Nature: The Tree Walk of Trivandrum

The lush green cover, the cool morning breeze, and the immersive sight of beautiful huge trees scattered all over is what once defined the greenest city of India – Trivandrum. Sadly, with the advent of...


Who is Gloria Steinem?

You’ve probably heard about this woman – but you might not necessarily remember. A trailblazer of female rights, whose intensive involvement in the feminist movement of the ’70s yielded increased awareness on racial and...

Dalit children in school

Is English the Key to Dalit Upliftment in India?

“English is the milk of lioness” – famous words of the proclaimed Indian leader BR Ambedkar, an eminent economist of his time, a revered jurist, a Bharat Ratna awardee, chief designer of the Indian Constitution...