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Valmik Thapar: On the Trail of the Tiger

A famous wildlife expert and conservationist, Valmik Thapar is an Indian natural historian who has dedicated his life to research on tiger protection in the country. A well known naturalist, he rose to worldwide fame...

A character from Bleach, a popular Manga series

The Rise of the ‘Manga’ Phenomenon

Not long back, a Japanese former Prime Minister began serializing his opinions in a column, not in a formal medium of the sort of newspapers or magazines, but rather with Big Comic Spirits – a Manga magazine[1]....

V S Naipaul

V S Naipaul: A Literateur Par Excellence

Do something that compels someone to write about you, or write something yourself. And well, Sir V S Naipaul qualifies for both! This man of aristocratic words and simple living had his ancestral roots amidst indentured laborers....