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Party - Govind-Nihalani

Party (1984) – A forgotten gem by Govind Nihalani

It starts with a rousing monologue. The revolutionary soliloquoy leaves no space for ambiguity as far as the ideology of the filmmaker is concerned. But yet, it contains enough to indicate the director’s capacity...

Seed, sci-fi short film

Mind-Bending Short Films for the Sci-fi Enthusiast

There’s always a dearth of mind-bending, thought-provoking sci-fi movies. Most sci-fi movies tend to feature a great start, but as the story builds-up and the possibilities narrow down to a definite ending, the thrill...

A still from the Geetu Mohandas-directed Liar's Dice

Alternate Cinema from India that left a mark in 2014

2012 and 2013 were definitely break-through years for alternate cinema in India. Despite the success of the 100 crore brigade from mainstream Bollywood, new age filmmakers left their imprints on an evolving and hungry audience. From Ship...