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Used to be rolls of films then. Are bytes of memory now. But it’s the art of film-making that binds us in awe. Come let’s dive and behold the nuggets of the world of cinema.

Shyam Benegal

Shyam Benegal: Father of Parallel Cinema in India

One may accredit it to his photographer father, who might have enthused young Shyam into filming, but the same destiny didn’t track down his nine siblings. On being asked what brought the thrust to bring...


Vir Das: From Weirdass to the Unbelievable

                             “Musicians write songs, artists paint, I parody.” -VIR DAS A man with an incomparable humour, unmatched swiftness and an absolutely weird ass! No offence, but this guy who misuses his good name, Vir...

Liar's Dice, Geetanjali Thapa

Talent Alert! Actress Geetanjali Thapa

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. Geetanjali Thapa found a way! Against all odds, Geetanjali Thapa went on to become a star...

Timbuktu - Oscar 2015 Best Foreign Film nominee

Oscar 2015 Nominees – Best Foreign Films

Like every year, it was a night of some surprises and some deft blows. No two films can be compared on the same pedestal – for the process of creation varies from one piece of...

Boogaloo and Graham - BAFTA 2015

2015 BAFTA Nominees For Best Live Action Short Films

Short films are no more a mere indulgence of amateurs. Today there are dedicated international platforms egging on such short projects with funding and release. Many prolific directors started their careers with groundbreaking shorts like Christopher...