Author: Radhika Sharma

Shyam Benegal

Shyam Benegal: Father of Parallel Cinema in India

One may accredit it to his photographer father, who might have enthused young Shyam into filming, but the same destiny didn’t track down his nine siblings. On being asked what brought the thrust to bring...

A character from Bleach, a popular Manga series

The Rise of the ‘Manga’ Phenomenon

Not long back, a Japanese former Prime Minister began serializing his opinions in a column, not in a formal medium of the sort of newspapers or magazines, but rather with Big Comic Spirits – a Manga magazine[1]....


Vir Das: From Weirdass to the Unbelievable

                             “Musicians write songs, artists paint, I parody.” -VIR DAS A man with an incomparable humour, unmatched swiftness and an absolutely weird ass! No offence, but this guy who misuses his good name, Vir...